How to search for calendar events on Google Calendar?

Google Calendar default search

By default, you can search for events in Google Calendar. This is located in the top bar, displayed as a magnifying glass. Using this will return you a list of events matching your events, based on the filters and search terms.

Google Calendar Search return list

Advanced visual searching with Meeting Dolphin

Google’s default feature is useful to find single events. However, if you want to know what happened in correlation to your week and visually see it on your calendar, then Meeting Dolphin’s Chrome Extension can help you!

How it looks. Meeting Dolphin's extension search.

Using Meeting Dolphin’s Search feature, it visually highlights events on your Google Calendar directly! This gives you a more holistic view of the events in mind instead of a list view. Start by installing our extension and signing up!

Search by text or tags

Once installed, you can access the Meeting Dolphin sidebar on Google Calendar. The search bar allows you to search by text or by defined Meeting Dolphin tags (using # prefix).

Search by text
Search by tags defined in Meeting Dolphin with #
Search by multiple terms or tags

Meeting Dolphin’s extension also allows you to search by multiple terms or tags.

Search by multiple terms or tags
Search in month view

Aside from just the Week view, Meeting Dolphin allows you to search on the Month view.

Search in Month view