What's new: Meeting Dolphin's user-centric update

Welcome to another release of Meeting Dolphin🐬! In this release, we’ve added features that were requested by the community. Other than that, there are also a few fixes to improve the usability and reliability of the extension.

📊 Meeting Tags by Tags chart changed to display hours, instead of minutes.

The chart now shows the Tags in hours. Most people work and have meetings in hour partitions so it makes sense to show it in hours. In case insufficient privileges or when tagging is disabled, it also now shows an appropriate message.

Chart display uses hours as the unit of measurement.

✅ Option to default add to all recurrent meetings

A new setting option has been added to default the behaviour of adding tags to recurrent meetings. This skips the confirmation dialogue and helps make it quicker to add tags. The option is disabled by default.

Enable this option to add tags to all recurrent meetings by default.

🪲 Other fixes

  • Reduced loading delay from changing screens by incrementally loading features.
  • Now provides info when adding the same tag to an event.
  • Improved consistency of launching the Meeting Dolphin panel on refresh.
  • Updated our data policy.

Final thoughts

Thank you to all the users who provided feedback! This really helps drive the product forward and I look forward to making better features for you all 😊. If you like our work, please leave us a review on the Chrome web store.