What's new: Meeting Dolphin's Extract Tag to CSV

Welcome to the 3rd release of Meeting Dolphin🐬! In this release, we’ve added a highly requested feature, which is to extract tag data to CSV as well as a few performance fixes!

⛏️ Extract Tags to CSV.

After adding tags to your events, it’s often useful to reflect on where you spend your time. Many users liked the doughnut chart but were interested in doing more in-depth and bespoke analysis. To accommodate this, I have added a new Metrics tab on our web app which allows you to export your data into CSV.

The export data is shows the Tags for each event within the selected time period.

Here’s how it looks:

New Screen.

You can access the web app through the link in the extension or directly here.

Link to web app.

🪲 Other fixes

  • Fixed Active Hours feature to consistently show up.
  • Fixed sign-in issues when interacting with extension and web app.

Final thoughts

Looking ahead, I am working on many more features including Team tags, Timeline planner and much more 😊. If you want to have early access to these features, please sign up using this form!